The gone by session 2020-21, paralysed by the Pandemic, we anyhow navigated all through via online pedagogies. The combination of uncertainty and the accelerated digital adoption witnessed incredible adaptability and resilience of the entire academic sector, teachers, students and parents. The overnight shift of academics to online led many to wonder about the role of a teacher who diligently accepted the new challenges without any prior preparation or training and innovated novel teaching strategies to provide uninterrupted education to millions of homes. Like a Saviour, they served ‘Manna’ to the forlorn, traumatized children in social isolation. They cared about what their pupils were going through and helped them maintain some sense of normalcy while the rest the world was falling apart. Their self-created multimedia contents, constructive activities, online contests, webinars and e-publications converted the virtual world into an engaging and lively experience for them. Nevertheless, the students, who are at the helm of the Corona induced disruptions, readily adapted to the new norm and continued learning and practicing despite all odds.

Further, the Administration and Teachers worked with parents and held counselling sessions to train them on how to supplement their child’s learning at home. There had been, however, challenges to overcome. Some students without reliable internet access and technology struggled to participate in digital learning. The pandemic has significantly disrupted the board classes as well, which is a critical determinant of their higher studies and career plans.

We may not know what the future holds, but it’s important to be optimistic, especially when it concerns our future citizens. I highly appreciate my teachers, students and parents for accelerating an extraordinary time for learning.

The year has been mournfully wrought by the sad demise of our College Founding President (Padma Bhushan) Dr. S. Kalbe Sadiq who had been the visionary leader and the very soul of the College. I take this opportunity to offer my richest tribute to the Second Sir Syed and Hakeem-e-Ummat to try and live up to his legacy; achieve his vision and mission of excellence in academics.

May the College flourish and advance to touch the pinnacles of his pursued dream!

Francis Castelino

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