Just ahead of successfully launching the Rehnuma Mentorship Programme at Unity College on 26th January, 2022, two online meetings were held on 15th and 23rd of the month to design and decide the roadmap of the Programme. The virtual meetings were attended by Mr. Ahmad (Programme lead), Mr. Sachindra Bharti (Programme Coordinator), Ms. Eva Abbas (Y Cohort lead), Ms. Nida Ikram (M Cohort lead), Ms. Nisar Fatima (O Cohort lead) and the Mentors.  


On day -1, after a formal welcome, a number of ideas were shared both by Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Bharti to ensure the smooth launching of the Programme by 26th of January and to organize a Mentor Coordinator Meeting and a Counselling Session for class XII.  


On day-2, Mr. Sachindra Bharti and Mr. Ahmad welcomed the mentors and explained to them about their role and importance in the Programme. The Mentors introduced themselves and shared their views on being associated with the Rehnuma Programme. Being the alumni of Unity College, they were quite excited to share their experiences with Unity College students. 


Finally, on 26th January, the Rehnuma Mentorship Programme was launched.  The meeting was attended by the Lead, Coordinator, Cohorts, Mentors and Mentees. Vice Principal Mr. Bharti welcomed every mentee and mentor onboard and wished them all the best of luck for the success of this very kind effort by Rehnuma. Mr. Ahmad then took over to formally introduce the Programme to all mentees and mentors. He made them aware about the mentor-mentee pairing scheme and how they are supposed to interact with each other and what various activities will be carried out throughout the Programme. Mr. Ahmad introduced the Cohort Coordinators, and also allowed the mentors and mentees to have a brief introduction and knowledge about each other, so that in due time when they interact they don't feel any kind of hesitation and should have an amiable relationship from the start. The Mentees were quite excited and they were happy to share their hobbies and interests with the mentors. The mentors too seemed keen to share their experiences with the young students. 


The Programme was launched successfully by the efforts of Mr. Sachindra Bharti and Mr. Ahmad. 

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