“We are Indians, firstly and lastly.” - Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


The Republic Day of India dawns a bright morning when the entire country stands united to pay tribute to the Great Freedom Fighters and Constitution Builders. The 73rd anniversary is the second after the COVID Pandemic, when the celebrations have been within the preventive norms. Owing to the paradigm shift to online teaching, the flag unfurling ceremony was attended by the Staff members of Unity College and its sister branches - Unity College II Shift, Unity Technical Centre and Unity Veda Animation College.


Chief Guest Mr. KarrarAsghar unfurled the National Flag with rose petals showering over our blessed Mother Earth. The patriotic aura multiplied with the glorious lines of the National Anthem sung by the teachers. It was followed by the mellifluous strings of 'AeyVatan, MeraVatan' ascertaining love and honour for the country. It compensated, though only a little, the absence of the cheerful children on such grand celebrations of national festivals.


Also present on the occasion were Mr. Francis Castelino- Principal Unity College, Dr. Kalbe SibtainNoorie- Manager, Unity College II Shift, Joint Secretary Dr. M. Talha, Mr. Khan- Principal, Unity Technical Centre and Ms.Shabana Ahmad- Principal, Unity College II Shift, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of the College.


Mr. Karrar highlighted the era in between 1947 and 1950, till our Constitution was framed, when still the colonial laws were followed under the first and only Governor General of India Dr. C. Rajagopalachari. Recalling his school prayer of subjugation to the Britishers - 'God save the King...', he exhorted one and all not to make this day a ritual but to pay tribute to the Constitution builders and uphold the state of liberty, equality and justice in the present time.


Principal Mr. Francis Castelino said that it is a great honour for us to have one of the most comprehensive Constitutions in the world. The beauty of our Country lies in the fact that despite diverse communities, cultures and religions, we are united as only Indian by heart. He concluded with his message to lead a good life and help others to live in peace.


The Secondary and Senior Secondary students joined the celebration later via WhatsApp. A Creative Writing Contest was organized to give a boost to the students confined to their homes on such a grand occasion. This competition gave students a platform to learn how to express their ideas and views in different ways. Each class was given a choice of five topics. Students gave full expression to their creative ideas and penned them down with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Soon very vivid and impressive entries poured in the class groups. The competition provided an opportunity to the budding authors and future citizens to mark the D-day with their creative skills. 


The Pre-Primary and Primary Section buzzed with online activities a day before on 25th January. A plethora of activities were conducted to give students an opportunity to exhibit their creative skills, to imbibe confidence and above all, to instil the spirit of patriotism in the future generations. The zest and fire of patriotism was rejuvenated in the young kids despite being confined to the online platform. LN, UN and Prep students showed their love for the Nation by making Tri-Colour Hoardings, United Citizens in origami art and symbolic National Caps. The enthusiastic children completed the hands-on activities along with their teachers on Zoom and under the supervision of their parents. They thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.


In the Primary Section, Class I students were asked to dress up like a National Hero and say a few lines. Class II engaged in Tri-Colour Salad Making, while Class III, Patriotic Quotes Writing. Class IV participated in a Patriotic Quiz Competition to express as well as learn about their country. Class V took the challenge of the Creative Writing Competition and expressed their thoughts and opinions on the nationalistic topics like Independence, Purna Swaraj, VandeMataram, Tri-Colour and Present Day India. They showcased a creative burst of energy and vied with their classmates to win the top prizes.


The celebration culminated with a vote of thanks by Dr. M. Talha.

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