Unity College, Lucknowcelebratedits 74thRepublic Daywith great éclat to remember the sacrifices of our leaders, recall our glorious past, revisit our golden heritage and feel proud of our robust democracy.

The ceremony began with the unfurling of the tricolour flag by Chief Guest, Mr. Syed Ameer Ahmad Zaidi,Retd –Asst.Commissioner, Revenue Department [Income Tax], accompanied by the College Secretary Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi, Joint Secretary Dr. M. Talha, Principal– Unity College,Mr. Francis Castelino,Principal - Unity College II Shift, Ms Shabana Ahmad, Principal- Unity Industrial Training Centre, Mr. S. R. Khan,Vice Principal, Mr. Sachindra Bharti, Headmistress, Ms. Kainaat Mansoor and Administrative Officer, Mr. Farman Kazmi.The patriotic fervour was followed bythe National Anthem.

Mr. Francis Castelino extended a cordial welcome tothe esteemeddignitaries.The students from Unity College and the IIShift took pride in glorifying and celebrating the national spirit of unity and brotherhood.An aura of patriotic fervour permeated the atmosphere as children from both the shifts presented a vibrant and livelycultural programme. The medley of patriotic songs swelled the hearts of all the students with pride.

The tremendous contribution made bythe Father of Indian Constitution, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who handled the task of drafting the Constitution of India,cannot be forsaken. A skit based on the life and struggles of this great Constitution maker was presented beautifully by the talented students of Secondary and Sr. Secondary sections.

The powerful speeches delivered by AfifaKhan and Azzaman Abbas of Unity Collegeas well asKisa Fatima and SabaFatima of II Shift,further kindled the spirit of patriotism.

The Chief Guest for the event, Mr. Syed Ameer Ahmad Zaidi greeted the children andapprised the gatheringbriefly with the uniquefacts regarding the framing of the Constitution. He also iterated that especially the younger generation needs to overcome their fears and inhibitions and be the harbingers of a social change to build a new, better and strong India.

The momentous ceremony ended with the vote of thanks proposed by College Secretary, Mr. Najmul Hasan Rizvi.He urged the students not to follow the herd mentality but to follow the Constitution in letter and spirit and to follow the rules for the welfare of our nation.

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